Tuesday, May 18, 2010

my story

Guest writer finally made it on! Yay!

Lou asked me to contribute back in March around my 4 year 'birthday'. You see, I don't just have my 'belly button birthday', I have a clean date, which is 3/19/2006, the last date I drank or got high.

My story begins at least a year before that, maybe even longer. Lou and I worked together. I lived quite a crazy life back then, and I was not at all quiet about it. I cursed in the office, got high on my breaks, bought drugs from co-workers, the list goes on. One day, Lou invited me to a bible study, and to her GREAT surprise I actually agreed to go. The topic of the study really interested me; it was on Rahab, who was a prostitute in the bible, and was instrumental in a very important plan of God's, so we were to learn through this study, no matter what our past looks like, God still has a place for us with Him and an amazing life in store for us.

I can only say that God had me in the perfect place with the perfect girl at the perfect time and my heart was soft and open to this. I can't say how this happens; it just does. It's like when those scales fell off Paul's eyes. It was just time for me to see.

Several girls from her small group were also going, and I met more amazing women of God. I learned about a God who loves without fail and forgives without question. He'd even already forgiven me for things in my past I didn't know I could forgive myself for! All I had to do was accept Him into my life, into my heart. I was so excited about this! And so excited about knowing Him!

I know this all sounds so easy, but when the spirit of our Most High God came to live in me, I started knowing and seeing how my life needed some changes. Some were easier than others. All were IMPOSSIBLE without Him.

I tried to quit doing drugs on my own. I got 2 months clean. I went to church high. I lied to my new friends. I was even hateful straight to their faces. These new Godly women kept loving me though, no matter what. No matter how many poor decisions I made. No matter how many times I said I want this new life, and then made a decision that showed them something else. God was always working in me though, and I knew with these new amazing women of God and at church, high or not, was where I was supposed to be. It was a full year before I was so fully broken that I was able to surrender and say I don't know what I'm doing, dear God relieve me of this pain and agony. I want what you want for me, which is a clean and sober life, free from the pain, the lies, the people that come with the drugs, the alcohol, strip clubs and bars. A YEAR?! Can you believe it? God still loved me. Those girls loved me through the pain, no matter what. And I KNOW it was tough on them too.

Through Christ they loved me. Through Christ I was able to move away from the old life, people, places and things and into the new joyful life He had in store for me.

How very grateful I am today for those girls, and that He put them in my life!

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Phil 4:13


Lou said...

So glad to see you here!!! I hope you come back to post often! :)

I need not say this, you already know... but your story is such an inspiration... I am so blessed to know you.

Love you!


Terri said...

Thanks Lou!!

Heart2Heart said...

What an amazing testimony showing just how much God can do for us all.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Beth in NC said...

What a wonderful testimony of God's love! Thank you for sharing.

Lou -- yes, the Spanx will help. :o) Come visit me often.


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I am grateful for those "girls" as well... such a tenacious faith and love to cling onto you and grow you into God's kingdom. The greatest miracle that God still performs on planet earth is that of a changed heart.

You have your miracle, sister, and I pray that you spend the rest of your earthly life pursuing the Lover of your soul, until you stand in his presence and become his pure bride.

Thank you for stopping by the blog and for sharing a bit of your journey with me.


Heart2Heart said...


Please help me spread the word of a sister in Christ who so desperately needs help with a limited amount of time left.


Love and Hugs ~ Kat

sanjeet said...

What an amazing testimony showing just how much God can do for us all.

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