Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Picture of Grace

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Many words come to mind when I look at this picture of the front of our van. Danger, crash, fear, accident. But the most prominent word that comes to my mind is GRACE. Then LOVE. TRUTH.

Last week I posted that I would be exploring the true meanings of grace, truth and love. I had intended to spend a great deal of time this week in the Word, exploring these truths. Once my boys had both healed from the yucky virus that was circulating in our household, I knew I would have more time to read. But something happened that wasn't planned. I became ill with a kidney infection. I've had this before but it's never knocked me off my feet as it has this time around. I've spent far more time with my face in my pillow than my Bible.

Then came Plan B.

I had just left the doctor's office when I realized the back road that lead home was closed for construction. So, I hopped on the city highway and headed back towards playcare to pick up my two boys. I had only gone a matter of blocks when another car tried to make a blind left turn onto the highway, cutting through cars that were stopped for a red light. I was passing the cars in the turn lane, preparing to turn left at the green arrow when he slammed into the front side of our van. I held my breath as I felt his SUV push the front of the van dangerously close to the oncoming traffic.

I felt horrible. I had just gotten a shot with a needle the size of my head. I was late picking up my kids. I was not a happy camper. We pulled into a gas station on the corner and a peace came over me as I exited my vehicle. Another car pulled up, a witness to the accident. The police were called and he gave a statement that clearly described the other vehicle at fault. The other driver was complaining of a headache so an ambulance was called as well. I was fine, it was a minor collision, neither of us were traveling anywhere near a high rate of speed.

I felt compassion for the other driver, although he seemed to be shifting blame. Even though he chose to make a dangerous turn through traffic as opposed to waiting his turn at the light that resulted in damage to our van. He clearly did not feel the same way towards me. He seemed annoyed that I was coming up that turn lane and ruined his plans to make that left! After heading home and relaxing a bit, I felt God say.... THAT is GRACE. It is unmerited and undeserved favor. I love you and want the absolute best for you, no matter how many times you take the wrong path. No matter how many times you stray from My plans. Turn to me and I will heal you. Time and time again. ((The big difference being that His grace is not conditional. I wonder how graceful I would have been had the accident been deemed my fault.))

The young man that stopped and offered his statement was such a blessing. It was likely that the other driver would not have admitted fault if the eye witness had not given a statement. After an ambulance arrived to treat the other driver, the reality of the situation hit me. If fault had remained in question, we might have became responsible for his medical bills as well. There comes TRUTH and LOVE.

I'm sure the witness had somewhere else to be. I doubt he wanted to be standing on that street corner in 100 degree weather waiting on the police to arrive just to give a statement in a matter that had absolutely no impact on him or his circumstances. Why did he stop? For no other reason than compassion for another being. This is love at it's finest. This is the LOVE Christ spoke of and demonstrated through His suffering on the cross. I want what is best for you, no matter what it costs me. Even if you are a complete stranger on the side of the road.

Last but not least comes TRUTH. Defining truth as a Christian is not difficult. HE is the TRUTH and the TRUTH will set you FREE. There are a great many people who believe that truth is relative. But is it? The other driver didn't seem to accept the truth that his error caused our accident. But does that make it less true? Was the officer wrong to issue the driver a citation? Should his insurance company not cover the repairs on our van? No. Because the truth is true, whether we choose to believe it or not. God's character never changes. He is the one truth that we can rely on, the one thing that we know will never falter.

Thank you, God, for using what could have been a terribly frustrating and week-destroying incident for Your glory. Thank you for the work you have done and continue to do within me. Change me. Mold me. Make me truly and completely yours.



Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Grace abounds, my friend.

Heart2Heart said...


I am just thankful that you were OK. So many times we get so upset about the condition of our vehicles that we failed to realize that God's got bigger things in mind no matter what situations we find ourselves in. Glad that God used this situation for good as well.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Jackie said...

Great post!! Where would we be without His Mercy and Grace??!!

Have a much better week this week!

He is Faithful!


Terri said...


I am so glad you are ok. I love this post! Thank you so much for being willing and able to see the message under circumstances where it would've been very easy to miss. Becuase you saw it, you were able to share it, and I am so grateful for this message. You put such a HUGE explanation out there about Truth.Grace.Love & made it so simple and easy to understand. I needed this, and I was excited to share this with others. Thanks for the comment on my post. :)

He & Me + 3 said...


I am so glad that you are OK. That is so scary. That is also so neat that God turned this crash around to teach you & me a wonderful lesson. Thanks for sharing. so glad that witness stuck around.

RCUBEs said...

Glad you're okay. That's one thing great when we are seeking to know the things of God. It helps us see things through His eyes, not ours. And we know that the things from Him are pure, with love, with truth...etc...You had discovered these meanings and God had helped you explained them well...despite the scary event you had. But God used that...For His glory! Take care!

Beth E. said...

Wow...so glad you weren't hurt! Praising God for His mercy and grace. :-)

The Old Geezer said...

What a great story and illustration of God's love, protection and grace in your life. I love reading stories about how God works in His children's lives.

Thank you for you recent comment on my Lindsay Lohan post.

God bless you and your family


Terra said...

That was a close call and I am so glad you are ok, and the witness gave a statement. Danger shakes us up, and you have shared some wise words with us.

Saleslady371 said...

That is grace and I'm so happy you are alright.

Beth in NC said...

Oh Lou, how scary! Praise God for protecting you!!! I'm thankful that witness took time to stop as well.

Grace ...

Jesson And Rey Ann said...

I love this post! Thank you so much for being willing and able to see the message under circumstances where it would've been very easy to miss.